Reinsurance Treaty
Free XL Quotation Tool

Wonder how do reinsurers come up with reinsurance rates for your treaty?
How do your reinsurance costs change, if you change the treaty structure?
What if your portfolio experiences a loss?

This is FREE and easy to use quotation tool for Reinsurance XL treaties. It enables you to estimate reinsurance rates and costs by calculating the risk premium based on the historical data of your portfolio.

This tool is in the beta testing and we would love to receive your feedback:

What is EazyRe?

EazyRe is a platform aiming at improving transparency, efficiency and accessibility of the reinsurance market.


Transparency of the market starts with the transparency of the reinsurance price. The reinsurance market is by far not perfect and therefore many of the insurers overpay for their reinsurance protection. It is justifiable to pay a loading on the risk transfer price (or "technical price") to cover the operative costs, capital costs and adequate profits of the reinsurers. But what is the risk transfer price? In the financial industry there is a transparency on the interest rates, so you know what is the margin of your business partner. There is no such a transparency in the reinsurance industry and only selected market players have insights into that.

Reinsurance is not a rocket science and in many cases it is relatively simple to calculate a price of a reinsurance treaty. In fact huge amount of reinsurance treaties is quoted used simplified methods, as the reinsurers have limited time and personal resources, especially in the time before the major renewal dates such as 1. January.

While there is reason to have a specialist with many years of underwriting experience to quote some reinsurance treaties, there is also a large mass of less complex treaties that can be quoted in a simplified matter. Probably the most treaties are already quoted in such a simplified way or not event quoted at all.

The simplified approach is easy to understand and with the help of appropriate tools also easy to do. That is why we have developed a benchmarking tool that can be easily used by anyone having a basic understanding of reinsurance treaties.

By understanding how the reinsurance price is calculated from the technical perspective and being able to benchmark it against the existing cover is the first step in improving the transparency of the reinsurance market.

However the benchmarking tool you can already use is just a first step. There are other inefficiencies in the market that can be overcome by using the modern technologies and EazyRe will continuously evolve on this path.

The existing pressure on the insurance companies to make their business more efficient will flush over to the reinsurance market and EazyRe wants to be on the frontier of this development.


Who are we?

We are a team of professionals with many years of experience with the world's leading reinsurance companies.


Why are we doing this?

We have noticed that the reinsurance market is full of inefficiencies. While other industries have embraced the developments of the new technologies to make themselves more efficient, the reinsurance market is still lagging behind. On the other side the insurers are continuously under pressure and the reinsurance capacity becomes a commodity. We think the time has come to induce a change in the reinsurance market, to make it more transparent, efficient and accessible.